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Internet Connectivity
We can set up and configure your high-speed internet connection most commonly with a cable or DSL modem. We can also troubleshoot and resolve connectivity problems.

Network Setup
We can fully design and setup your network according to your specific needs. This can range from small home business networks to large scale complex networks setups. We set up shared files, printers, firewalls, network accessible storage devices, and media servers.

Wireless Setup
Our wireless setup services for homes and businesses can do all the things mentioned above, but also provide your wireless devices with the ability to securely connect into your local network. Depending on your needs, we will set you up with the fastest or most cost effective wireless network solution and ensure that your wireless transmissions are encrypted and secure against intrusions.

Network Enhancement
A network enhancement involves the optimization of a network’s structure for the purpose of achieving greater coverage, speed, reliability, and efficiency. The steps involved in enhancing a network's structure can involve upgrading or replacing hardware as well as tweaking configuration settings.

Network Troubleshooting and Repair
Our computer network repair services will examine your existing wired and wireless network to resolve any network connection and transmission problems. We replace or upgrade faulty hardware and provide software solutions where applicable.

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